Stakeholder mobilisation

The alternative is to choose an approach, not crossing your fingers.

And that path begins with stakeholder mobilisation.

Here’s what I want to know about your enterprise-wide business change programme: How many stakeholders outside of the core technical team are involved every day? How often are they partnering with you on requirements to make things better and to make better things?

Here’s what else I want to know: How many stakeholders are insisting that their colleagues and their customers get involved too. As in right away.

Are their outcomes better? Do they love their work more because they love your work?

That service you just released: How many people benefit from it day after day, spreading the change further?

Or that app on the marketplace, or the new store you’re planning, or your management information report.

Who is initiating new ideas to make things better still?

If you struggle with small projects, why do you believe you will succeed with large ones?