“And we sell gear”

Situated at the base of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Table Mountain, Trail and Tar in Cape Town is not just another running and cycling store.

No matter how wide a range or cheap a price their competitors offer, Trail and Tar manage to do pretty well. Because they offer something other stores don’t. They host weekly runs and rides that cater for all fitness levels, followed by the customary debriefing in their own coffee shop. They offer a social experience.

If you own a running and biking store that competes with anyone, “…it’s a social experience” is a pretty special feature.

That’s because experiences are better shared.

Experiences create a third feature: a chance to meet, to tell stories, to build dreams.

And so Trail and Tar is actually a running and cycling club that sells gear.

The gear we bought from them is simply the equipment we needed along the way to make our dreams become a reality.