The paper vacuum

When you do something that others do, when it’s something that we can easily get on Upwork, on Indeed or on LinkedIn, there’s some squeeze.

It’s the squeeze of knowing that you have no competitive advantage. It’s the pressure of knowing that if you raise your asking price enough to earn a decent income in return for the effort you put into your work, we’ll just haggle or find somebody else who will do it cheaper.

New entrants, substitute products, and the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers; when the availability of a more affordable option is a step away, we’re not afraid to step.

Writing use cases from a process that already exists is easy. Engaging with peoples desires and needs, helping them to see further, raising their expectations—that’s the tricky work we signed up to do.

From now on, your stakeholders know more about the business than you do. And so your paper work, no matter how much effort you put in, is not enough.