How many as-is processes are there?

The obvious answer is one.

Because when we ask the expert we’re advised ‘the way it’s done’.

Yet when we go to see the process in action we observe another one which is ‘the way it is done when I’m being watched by the business analyst”.

And then when we leave with a copy of the department manual we find ‘the documented way it’s supposed to be done’.

The danger is that none of these are the whole answer, which might be true.

Because next ‘there’s the way it’s done when Tom does it’.

Plus ‘there’s the way it’s done when…’, as an exception for a VIP or some other ‘special’ circumstance.

Not forgetting, of course, ‘the way it’s done late on a Friday afternoon when it’s time to go home’.

You now have 6 as-is processes to make start with, and, because you know your space better I do, I’m sure you’ll discover some more ways too.