Choose your dimensions, set your future

When we consider all of the possible options, it’s typical to choose the dimensions that seem to matter to most customers. After all, it takes hard work to break ground on the map and choosing a spot which fewer people care about feels like risky business. Better, we believe, to follow popular opinion.

If you do, you’ll definitely be joining a busy quadrant. And without the power of recognition, it’s very tricky to grow market share in a quadrant that’s busy. Your customer’s spoilt for choice, so they’ll likely follow popular opinion too (or feel overwhelmed and do nothing).

The alternative is to define your own quadrant. To identify two dimensions that are being underserved. To build a product, a true service, that keeps your promise, that places you in a position where you are the clear and obvious answer.

Everyone else, the average or hard-working products that chose the average or popular dimensions—they’re all crowded together. They are the Sony Walkman, Blockbuster and Facebook Messenger and the rest of the dogs.

You, on the other hand, have plotted your own course, one that’s unique to you, one where there are overlooked customers who can’t wait to join you on your journey, collaborate with you, and help you spread the word.