Improvement isn’t up to you

There are hundreds and hundreds of finance products available in the market. Can you list them? Even a financial advisor would struggle.

And the same thing is true for sportswear, for consulting companies, for supermarkets.

So how do we analyse this, evaluate this, offer a service?

We pick the best approach.

Best for who?

And that’s the important question. Best for our beneficiaries.

If they care about time and cost, then they have preferred criteria for the level of quality, and it’s the one that provides the quickest and cheapest option.

But our other beneficiary, the one who cares more about quality and scope, has quite a different option in mind.

Your job as a business analyst is to draw lines on the map marking boundaries that (some) stakeholders want to explore. Not the selfish, default internal perspective, done to minimise your efforts, but a meaningful product, a lighthouse that guides people who are looking for the utility you offer.

We’re promising this. Not that.