How to make an impact

  1. Start with the empathy to listen and see the opportunity. Not a meeting-room imagined one, not “How can we launch our product?” but rather, “What would give real meaning here?”
  2. Focus on the minimum marketable product: “What is the smallest improvement that will produce a tangible outcome for your customer and still make it feasible for you to do?”
  3. Match the worldview of the people you’re seeking to serve. Work collaboratively with stakeholders to craft a contribution worth making, meeting a perspective to resonate with.
  4. Make it easy to change. If every stakeholder influences one other person, within a short while, you’ll have more supporters than you can count.
  5. Earn, and keep, the trust and acceptance to support the people you serve.
  6. Look for places to immerse yourself. Instead of finding customers for your product, increment your product to find your customers.
  7. With each step along the way, field the forces of change as people shift towards their goals.
  8. Be there, consistently. Act with generosity, and iterate the parts that make a difference.