“This isn’t for you”

This isn’t something you’re supposed to say to your stakeholder. You’re certainly not supposed to feel good about saying this to your stakeholder.

But you should.

”This isn’t for you” shows the strength to respect the stakeholder. It shows that you’re not going to squeeze the scope, divert any attention, or insist that they shift their worldview. And it gives respect to those stakeholders you are seeking to serve, it says, “We’re doing this to solve your problem. We’re not doing this for them, we’re doing this for you.

Ying and Yang.

It’s the opportunity to both focus on helping the supporters who need you the most, and the permission to ignore those critics who shout from the sideline. This is the juxtaposition for delivering your best work.

Because it matters less what the opponents you’re ignoring think. What matters most is whether you’ve changed the stakeholders who champion you, the stakeholders who have collaborated with you, the stakeholders you’re are seeking to serve.

Even the greatest football team of all time has its haters. It’s impossible to create something with complete utility and totally satisfy everyone.