The PMI effect

The public presentations that I’ve given over the last 10+ years can (mostly) be found here.

One that you can’t find there, is one I presented in 2017 at the worldwide PMI Virtual Business Analysis conference. And the response since has been incredible.

And by response, I mean gratuity.

Over 800 people have taken the time to say “thank you”. Even now, over 3 years later, people continue to pause for a moment afterwards and leave a comment.

The presentation has been viewed over 22,000 times, almost the same number as this popular one here on Slideshare. Yet on PMI’s Project Management platform, the community makes the effort to appreciate the work.

You can spend time crafting something of value that contributes yet receive minimal attention. Yet on the same professional platform have a simple selfie rewarded with 100 likes.

Wheres’ your community?