The intrapreneur

You’re the superhero swooping in to save the day. You’re all about the hustle and the grind—doing more and being more. You’re the one tackling issues and putting out fires.

It’s a false positive.

Being a superhero disarms your stakeholders. The team around you—customers, employees, suppliers—aren’t empowered to help themselves.

It’s easy to be drawn into the thrash.

But being an intrapreneur is about giving clarity on an outcome, choreographing the resources around them and making the objectives a reality.

It’s less about doing and more about enabling.

  • So true – and it’s much easier to be the hero than to enable people. I don’t think people who fall into this trap does it for the “glory” – it’s just the path of least resistance. Enabling people takes more effort and is difficult to do (and I don’t think its a skill that everyone possesses).

    • It is the path of least resistance. Also, it’s often the organisational culture—that’s the way we do things around here—which is easy to get drawn into, because it makes us feel like there getting somewhere. Thanks for taking a moment to add to this, Lizl.

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