Swim with the current

Mike Michalowicz is an author and an entrepreneur.

The URL of his website is his name.

But his name is ‘tricky’ to spell. And if you spell his name wrong, you’ll miss. No matter how near or how far, if you’re one letter out, you’ll end up somewhere else (or nowhere at all—404).

And Mike knows this.

What would you do if you had a website with a URL that was tricky to spell?

You could try and convey it carefully, clearly and slowly, each and every time, until you’re blue in the face. But people will still misspell it. Many would still end up somewhere else. It’s an ongoing battle.

So Mike swims with the current.

He gives them a secondary URL that redirects to his website, one which people can spell and, best of all, recall—mikemotorbike.com.

Simple, with a memorable story.

HT: Mike Michalowicz