Changing the course of a river

A river changes its course naturally over time, altering its flow in a specific direction. It responds to the outside forces that shape its landscape and environment by adapting its shape as it moves towards its goal—of meeting the ocean.

You can channel a river, but it takes considerable effort. And if you build a makeshift dam with little consideration for its impact, you might end up with consequences downstream (and some muddy puddles).

When you seek to make your change—your best work, your future promise—it needs to shift the flow. It embeds when the shift is permanent. But even if it’s full of promise, it’s not going to have an impact if it doesn’t adjust the course.

This doesn’t mean you let the current overwhelm you.

It means you take a step back from the river and find a smaller stream that feeds it.

A place where you can make a difference. Start there, with energy and focus. Once that works, find another stream. Even better, mobilise your champions to influence the change.