But which somebody?

Which somebodies?

If you have to choose some people to become your champions, who do you choose?

Start by understanding stakeholders based on what they desire, believe, and want, not based on what their role is. In other words use perspectives instead of positions.

Just as you can group people by the type of desk they sit at or the impact of the situation on them, you can group them based on their viewpoint. Systems thinker Peter Checkland calls this perspective Weltanschauung (or worldview).

A worldview is a shortcut, it’s the lens through which we see the world. It’s our values and our biases and yes, our priorities about the system around us. Business owners have a worldview. So do the local community. So do busy people who hang on the line waiting for ‘customer service’ to answer their telephone call. Everyone deserves to be treated as an individual, with dignity and respect for their perspective. And as business analysts, we must begin with the worldview and invite people to share their perceptions and build consensus together. “We made this” gives a very different outcome to asking “What do you want?”.

We can make pretty good assumptions about how someone will react or respond to the project scope or a particular product feature if we have an understanding about their worldview.