What change are you seeking to make?

It’s a straightforward question, but a loaded one, because it indicates that you’re accountable.

You are an actor with purpose, an agent of change, a stakeholder working hard to change other stakeholders.

It might be your job, it might be your passion, and if you’re lucky, it might even be both.

The change might be trivial (“I’m trying to stabilise the leads pipeline of GREEN insurance company and, to do that, I need to split some bundled services into separate processes”) or it might be profound (“I’m trying to help the hundreds of children in my HIV-programme access the level of support they need through educational and medical services”).

Perhaps it’s “I’m going to turn organisational non-compliance into compliance,” or “I’m going to transform customers who prefer to shop physically into ones who embrace online buying instead.”

Regardless of what the details are, if you’re a business analyst, you’re in the business of making change happen. Forgetting this is a form of abdication: it’s more productive to rule it instead.