Stories, rapport, and experiences

The good news is that we don’t need to rely on the shiniest, latest fashionable approach—we have even more powerful, nuanced, and timeless techniques at our disposal.

We tell stories. Stories with words that resonate and pictures that draw the desired future. Stories that come true, because we make them true through our actions that create the products and services needed.

We build rapport. Stakeholders want to connect, and they want to be heard and understood. Stakeholders want to be part of the change. It’s safer that way, and usually more fun.

We create experiences. Using an interview, engaging in a workshop. Making an observation, becoming an apprentice, demonstrating a product. Each of these actions is part of the story; each builds a little bit of rapport. As business analysts, we can offer these experiences with intent, doing them on purpose.

The entire organisation works for and with the business analyst, because business analysis is all of it. What we create, who we create it for and how we create it. It’s the positives and the negatives, the capability and the result, all at once.