Scale of the map

Once you’ve crafted the scope, next find the place where the customer can’t wait for your attention. Immerse yourself. Put your finger on the map where you and you alone can provide their perfect utility. Address these stakeholders’ wants and dreams and desires with your care, your attention and your focus. Make change happen. Change that’s so profound, people can’t help but talk about it.

Agile thinking is built around the idea of the minimum marketable product. Figure out the smallest amount of change that can be shipped which will provide results for your customer. Then improve and repeat.

What people miss about this idea is the word viable. It doesn’t help to ship something that doesn’t work. It doesn’t help to ship something that doesn’t give. It’s doesn’t serve to ship selfishly.

When we blend these ideas, we can think lean and think quickly. Our agile approach to the opportunity combined with a relentless focus on those we seek to serve means that we’re more likely to be of service.