You’re not a minute-taking project administrator

You don’t work for a document management company. You’re not a robotic unquestioning stenographer.

So why are you acting like one?

Your specification is nearing its due date, so, sure, you distribute it to every “reviewer” you think needs to see it, asking for feedback, but they don’t read it.

You work for a dummy project manager, who obsessively ticks-off how many percentage-points you’ve progressed, and the quality you turn out eats at you.

You make your case to business based on logical reasoning, even though you know intuitively that stakeholders make decisions based on their gut feeling.

You narrow your scope because the sponsor tells you your estimates are too high, but you know it is unrealistic.

It’s the same old thing—the hollow blinkered same-old shit, churned out for the organisation.

Your stress is not a licence to indulge in self-pity. Your troubles are not a permit to peddle the body of knowledge in my face.

There’s a more effective way, You can do it. It’s not easy, but the safest passage is well lit.