Total business analysis

Total football is a tactical theory in which any outfield player can take over the role of any other player in the team.

It’s a system in which no one (except the goalkeeper) has a fixed, predetermined role; anyone can successively play as a striker, a midfielder and a defender, and whenever a player moves out of a position their space is backfilled by another from their team.

It’s versatile, and it’s fluid, and it ensures that the team keeps its shape — that it maintains it’s intended organisational structure.

This system was made famous by The Netherlands during the 1974 World Cup.

And at Ajax, Dennis Bergkamp was schooled in the philosophy of Total Football and he benefited, as a striker, from the experience of playing as a defender and as midfielder enormously, as it helped him to “know how they think, and how to beat them,”.

It’s the same for you on the project pitch.

Your knowledge, your skills, and your abilities allow for versatility. To fluidly work within the project organisation. You backfill many positions: as a business analyst, as a project manager, as a test analyst. And other positions too.

This flexibility is a key strength. It helps you to get into your stakeholders’ shoes, to know how they think and how you can serve them.

But the Dutch didn’t win the 1974 World Cup. And total business analysis is only getting you so far.