Things business analysts know

  1. Passionate, creative people can change the business (in fact, they’re the only ones who do). You can change things in this moment, and you can make more change than you believe is possible.
  2. Business change is best made with the end in mind. “What problem needs solving?” is the stance that matters.
  3. You cannot bring everyone along; therefore asking “Who needs this?” can help focus your efforts on the champions and help you deal with the opponents (in you head and the corridors).
  4. Stakeholders have different perspectives. Their view, as far as each person is concerned, is the right view and the priority view, and you need to facilitate consensus.
  5. We can move people together in common groups that often (but not always) share similar experiences, groups that behave similarly based on their perceived status, value, impact and other needs.
  6. What you know and recommend isn’t nearly as relevant as what your stakeholders feel and decide.