Ignorant business analysts brought a stereotype to the rest of us

A short-term, effort-minimising charlatan can easily adopt a bridging mind-set. Clutching, capturing, shipping. Is there any other profession that confidently does this?

You won’t find Doctors who treat patient symptoms without checking for the underlying root cause. You won’t hear of copy-writers copying and pasting from the project brief, or wedding planners who decide their customers requirements.

This ignorant pursuit of documentation at the expense of needs has driven many true and talented business analysts to forgo their best work, to struggle for the prospect of being analysis-driven.

That’s not okay.

The other kind of business analysis, the useful kind, is about understanding our stakeholders’ world-view and future desires so we can connect them. It’s focused on being sought when there’s change, on bringing more to the table than people expect. It seeks beneficiaries, not victims.

There’s an emergence of people doing business analysis because they know they can make things better. They’re prepared to engage with the business because they know they can contribute to the change.

People like you.