Consume, curate and create

There are three choices when it comes to participating with content.

(Whether it’s a book, an article, a blog, a podcast, a whitepaper, a presentation, free training or a webinar, etc.)

  1. You can read/listen and absorb pieces – by consuming content for your own interest.
  2. You can recommend to others/join in discussions – by curating content with the gesture of a like, a reply or a share to your peers.
  3. You can start/craft the conversation – by creating something generous of yourself because you care enough to raise your hand and speak up within your industry.

Content is a mutually-inclusive pyramid economy – with a 90:9:1 incline.

It’s an opportunity for us all to participate in the consumption (90%), curation (9%) and creation (1%) of content, simaultaneously.

But whether we’re turning up en masse with the interest to consume (silence) or showing up atop the steep slope with the generosity to create (voicing), it’s the small gesture of our curation (feedback) that helps to shape where the content economy goes.

Because taking a moment to give constructive feedback says “Thank’s for this view/Here’s what I think/Let’s keep going,”.