Consider the Bistro

Most people reading this post don’t analyse restaurants. But most of us have dined at one.

The question to ponder is: Why do you choose to go back to your regular place?

Would you return if your favourite meal on the menu was often unavailable?

Would you return if your meal was badly prepared, or made with budget or expired ingredients?

Would you return if your meal was served late, served cold or when it arrived at your table it wasn’t what you ordered?

Even more frustrating: Would you return if you couldn’t catch the attention of your disinterested waiter to get the help you needed when you needed it?

If we’re not willing to sacrifice quality in our requirements as paying customers, why do we risk jeapardising the experience we offer our own customers?

Business analysis isn’t a race to keep the lights on at the cheapest price.

Business analysis is our mission to make a worthwhile product for those we serve, and we do it by understanding the holistic situation that connects each stakeholder.