Business analysis is not a request, it’s not a dictation or even an automation

Business analysis is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem—their problem.

It’s the chance to change the organisation for the better.

Business analysis involves very little in the way of scribing, translating or couriering.

It’s a chance to create, instead.

Business analysis doesn’t exist to constrain business operations. Process analysis was introduced to increase efficiencies, and systems analysis was introduced to reduce misinterpretation.

But modern business analysis isn’t understood. It’s the broadest activity, but also the narrowest one. There’s no firm directive or sole mandate, and you can’t roundup your executives to listen the way management consultants did.

To be really clear: the organisation feels like a vast, problem-rich playground, a place where all your ideas deserve to be heard by just about everyone. In fact, it’s hundreds of small complaints, an endless series of meetings that rarely include you or the work you do.