Business analysis in five steps

The first step is to align a strategy worth making, with tactics worth taking, and a contribution worth communicating.

The second step is to create and define a feasible change in a way that the business expectations are set and are cared about.

The third step is to tell a complete story that matches the business needs with the stakeholder requirements of that select group of people, the beneficiaries of the system.

The fourth step is the one (that almost) everyone gets excited about: the change—to the IT, to the processes, to the people, and to the organisation—is implemented.

The last step is often overlooked: check benefits—regularly, purposefully, and consistently, from ‘year one to year five’—to track and evaluate and adjust the changes that you seek to embed. To earn trust to support and earn acceptance to adjust.

As a business analyst, you get to consistently do the work to help the shift spread from person to person, realising a culture as you make change happen.