Unlocking Locked Down Silos

There was a wonderful example recently of a flaw with hierarchical decision making.

During the Covid-19 ‘economic’ lockdown new vehicle sales plummeted by 98.4% in April 2020. In early May the South African Government reopened the automotive industry for business.

You can now buy a car (albeit, sales must be done remotely via the internet or telephone).

But, unless you are an essential worker, you are still unable to register your new vehicle with The Department of Transport and Public Works during Level 4 lockdown. Meaning, that a new owner is unable to get insurance cover.

This is one trouble with silo thinking…

With departmental blinkers on, we may fail to connect the process dots and leave people (customers) frustrated and scratching their heads.

And the bottom line…

What effect will this solution actually have on solving the problem of reduced vehicle sales?