Last Thing First

Squeezed in at the end of a project – if there’s the time and the emotional desire – is the lessons learned/retrospective workshop.

It’s a critical review of the project, reflecting on past events and behaviours. Revealing facts or feelings about things that had a measurable effect on delivery – positive and negative – and facilitates constructive conversation about suggestions for next time.

  • What went well, not so well and new ideas
  • Start, Stop, Continue.

And it’s a good thing – it is good for the customer, the organisation, the team and future projects. Because if you take the feedback onboard you’ll become better.

But do we take it to heart? Do we keep the past lessons we learned with us? Or do we tick a project box and archive the lessons away?

What if we repeated the last thing first?

What if we had a project preemptive – where we dusted off the ‘documents’ and reminded ourselves of the past lessons learned/retrospectives when we start to go again?