Present your (digital) self

Find a home on the web to showcase your successes, such as your own website or a personal page.

(And work this in to your traditional resume too.)

  1. Use a recently and professionally taken head shot, that faces directly into your profile, with on-brand backgrounds.
  2. Write your profile in the 3rd person, as it makes it easier to communicate positions and achievements powerfully.
  3. Or, write your profile in the 1st person, to build personal chemistry and connection.
  4. Whether writing in 1st or 3rd, infuse some personal style into the professional and spell-check.
  5. Focus on the impact and benefits of your project delivery; don’t focus on your job description responsibilities.
  6. Use your name and target keywords to be found in search engines.
  7. List the skills and expertise that you wish to be known for.
  8. Request (and give) endorsements, recommendations and testimonials (give more than you get).
  9. Connect contact information, such as telephone, email and web addresses.
  10. Embed publications, presentations, videos and articles into you profiles.
  11. Regularly post updates and join in relevant interest groups for connection, visibility and credibility.

Now we can know about you.