Make them remember

Projects take all sorts.

But good brands focus on one thing not many things.

  • The Fixer – You’re the go-to-person who can make anything happen.
  • The Simplifier – You’re the “cut to the heart of it” pragmatist.
  • The Innovator – You’re the “big hairy audacious ideas” generator.
  • The Whiz Kid – You’re the talented Gen. Y hire on rocket fuel.
  • The Rock – You’re the “Don’t worry, we’ll get it done” calming influence.
  • The Organiser – You’re the project management extraordinaire.
  • The Mediator – You’re the “no one walks away angry” team player.
  • The Negotiator – You’re the influential, win-win mediator.
  • The Connector – You’re the networker who always knows someone you should know.
  • The Influencer – You’re the guy who’s never met a challenge you didn’t love.
  • The Guru – You’re the oracle who’s happy to share their knowledge.
  • The Juggler – You’re the one who keeps the balls in the air, and never drops one.

Stop wearing stress as your defining badge of project-honour, and focus on the strength you want to be known for.