Crafting your proposition

  1. Your professional profile is not a history or biography, it’s a marketing strategy.
  2. Marketing strategy means knowing your markets’ need and how your offering fits.
  3. You can’t include it all, and your strategy must guide your content decisions.
  4. A good profile is a magnetic career-brief supported by business project snapshots.
  5. Replace objectives with career successes, achievements and contributions.
  6. Forgo job descriptions and think in projects highlighting goals and objectives.
  7. Consider project details as either being informational, valuable or critical.
  8. Critical means delivering tangible and intangible business benefit and change.
  9. Showcase the critical, edit-down the valuable and drop the informational.
  10. Think impact and highlight one key thing you achieved in each project (critical),
  11. Support each critical item with business and project accomplishments (valuable).
  12. Ruthlessly edit, set aside, and edit again to be shorter, more powerful and on-brand.