Template blanket

A go-to move when joining a new company or project is to ask for the template.

There’s a feeling of security in a blanket.

The intention of a template is to safely guide an individuals expertise when creating a piece of work. It’s intended to be a home for relevant content that has been driven out through the thoughtful use of appropriate business analysis techniques.

The trouble is templates aren’t always used that way. Because, templates have an unintended built-in trap.

Template-driven analysis is a rut, that:

  1. Pedestals the production of documentation
  2. Distracts from considering the job at at hand
  3. Becomes the completion of a ‘one size fits all’ form
  4. Encourages the use of content fodder
  5. Builds silos across the organisation
  6. Keeps the analysts roots firmly in B.A. 2.0
  7. Dumbs down the value of business analysis
  8. Stagnates the careers of many

Templates don’t mean to be bad. But when they’re misused, they’re horrid.