Stir the pot

I’ve enjoyed working with many wonderful people during my career, people that I’d love to work with again. I resolve to stay in touch. But soon I’m fully focused on my next engagement and the resolution starts to slide.

Then a few days ago, Drew Kennedy, a past colleague, replied to one of my newsletters, “Hey Joe – it would be great to catch up, and I’m hoping we can grab a coffee.”

There was no specific agenda, just a long overdue ‘hello’ for the first time in many years. During our conversation I asked Drew how he kept consistently finding new assignments, “I stir the pot – I periodically grab coffee with people,” he said.

At the Business Change Academy, we have a similar view that “People don’t come on training when we would like them to come on training.” People go on training when they need to go training, and it’s up to us to be there at that point in their journey.

The same goes for you and your next opportunity.

Who can you grab a coffee with today?