Many organizations are turning to Agile as a better way of developing software requirements.

Here’s what happens…

Management makes a plan:

  1. Find a suitable Agile consulting/training partner
  2. Send the team on a 3-day Agile training course
  3. Hire an expert to establish a new way of working
  4. Run a few initial projects through the organization
  5. Retain the expert to coach the people involved
  6. Show up physically, demonstrating visible support
  7. Wean expert off and handover to the project team

Management sees the results:

  • Greater collaboration
  • Speedier delivery
  • Improved quality
  • Faster ROI

Management gives pats on the back all round for a great decision.

Yet here’s the thing…

It wasn’t about the methodology, it was about people.

When management shows tender loving care, everyone will be more motivated and everything has a better chance of blooming.