The very best elicitation technique of all

Interviews are a wonderful technique through which to have a detailed one-on-one discussion, build rapport as well as gaining buy-in. And as a trusted confidant, you can get the inside story too.

Workshops are the perfect technique to put everything on the table for everyone to understand. Then working productively as a team, to make quality decisions, with group consensus and ownership.

Observation is a real winner. Seeing for yourself gives you an objective view of what’s happening on the ground. You’ll see things that have not been said and you will find new questions to ask.

Whilst you’re out observing, pick up some sample souvenirs for analysis. Identify artefacts that provide you with information such as process, data, rules, frequencies, standards, and quantities, etc.

But, the very best elicitation technique of all?

It’s the skillful blend and balance of all of the above.