Consequence is all around

Wherever we go and whatever we do, the effect of business analysis plays out in our lives.

Whether we’re navigating our morning commute, performing our job function, or shopping our evening meal, all of our daily encounters, good and bad, are the result of (good or bad) business analysis.

  • Did the train arrive on time or was it late? Were you able to find seating space in a carriage? Perhaps standing room only? Or was the train too full to even get on?
  • Did your work day go to plan or were the goalposts moved? Have you got the capacity to deliver? Colleagues delivered on time? Or are you having to catch up this evening?
  • Did you find the product or was the shelf empty? Were you able to pay for your goods quickly? Via the self-service checkout? Or were there insufficient cashiers open?

All these experiences are a consequence of the chosen configuration of four fundamental elements — the organization that controls, the processes that drive, the tools that enable, and the people that serve — that come together (or not) to operate the business system and shape our place within it.

For better or for worse, it’s designed that way.