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The 9th Stakeholder

A couple of years ago I experimented with a new personal assistant. Amy Ingram helped me to schedule meetings. Amy learned when, where and how long I liked to meet. But what made Amy different was that Amy is an email AI scheduling assistant. Machine learning. But there was also some big human learning too… From the beginning of the relationship, I was learning how to interact with Amy to


The T-shaped metaphor has been about for some time – being a strong person with specialist depth and generalist breadth. People are recruited accordingly: A+ years of work experience in B role Must have C degree in D specialism At least E years experience in the F industry Experience working in a G environment Practical experience of working with H method And then a subconscious bias kicks in where managers

Creative Stuff

It’s been proven again and again that there is no correlation between creativity and intelligence. That doesn’t exist. Intelligence is no indicator of creativity. And there’s absolutely no physiological evidence indicating that a highly creative person has a different brain structure than somebody who isn’t. We’ve all got the same stuff. What does matter is being exposed to lots of stuff, to lots of ideas. You’ll be more creative the

Project waters

The scope of a project is usually approached from a two-dimensional viewpoint – in and out, within and beyond, what will be done and we will not. And is often closely followed by a shallow caveat that says something along the lines of – ‘Anything that is not explicitly stated as in scope is considered out of scope.’ But for this statement to hold water, the potential for everything must

7.5 out of 10

Feedback from the audience gave you 7.5 out of 10. How does that feel? 75% isn’t bad. You influenced 3 out of 4 people in the room. That’s the majority. But 100% is better, if not the best. Perfect score, right? We’re conditioned to aim for 10/10 and sometimes that’s what’s needed, but perhaps 2.5/10 was a better target. What if more ends up resulting by influencing that other person

There’s more to it

When you think about the word ‘process’, what comes to mind? The sequence of accomplishing something? Who does what and when for the why (purpose)? It is about that, but its also about much more too. If you look closely you’ll see: Boundaries and scope Structures and hierarchies Responsibilities and job descriptions Data and information Constraints and guidance Handoffs and interfaces When a process doesn’t flow it’s symptomatic to blame

IIBA-SA BA Summit Speaker – September 2019

You may remember that it wasn’t the plan to speak at the BA Summit Southern Africa this year. Yet… While putting the conference programme together the IIBA®-SA board asked if I’d perhaps deliver a keynote talk. And of course, I said yes without thinking too much about it. But I was then, pretty much immediately, asked for a presentation synopsis. Cue speakers block. What did I have to talk about?

DAMA Meet Up – July 2019

So that coffee with Drew resulted in the opportunity to speak at July’s DAMA SA Cape Town User Group Meeting. Drew: “Would you be interested in presenting something at our next DAMA meeting, Joe?” Joe: “Sure I’d love to, Drew. What would you like to hear about?” Drew: “A session on interviewing techniques would be handy.” Joe: “Good idea. How about we open it up a little and frame it

Stir the pot

I’ve enjoyed working with many wonderful people during my career, people that I’d love to work with again. I resolve to stay in touch. But soon I’m fully focused on my next engagement and the resolution starts to slide. Then a few days ago, Drew Kennedy, a past colleague, replied to one of my newsletters, “Hey Joe – it would be great to catch up, and I’m hoping we can grab

The very best elicitation technique of all

Interviews are a wonderful technique through which to have a detailed one-on-one discussion, build rapport as well as gaining buy-in. And as a trusted confidant, you can get the inside story too. Workshops are the perfect technique to put everything on the table for everyone to understand. Then working productively as a team, to make quality decisions, with group consensus and ownership. Observation is a real winner. Seeing for yourself